Stephen Lease

🦩Co-Founder & Chief Executive Octopus goodr
🎙Co-Host of The CULTURE goodr Podcast
🐙 Spirit Animal
👑 Soul bonded with the King Basset Hound Bosley!

Stephen Lease’s son is a Basset Hound, his spirit animal is octopus, and he’s 16% flamingo. (The 16% isn’t confirmed through genetic testing, but more suspected, due to his penchant for collecting cabana wear and eating shrimp.)

As a runner who’s won a beer mile and barely finished a 100 mile ultra, Stephen co-founded goodr in 2015 to create running sunglasses for people who think running is fun. Since then, the company has grown to over 30 employees, won Runner’s World Magazine’s Gear of the Year twice (2016 & 2018), and Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work.

Stephen would love it if it was due in major part to his brand building knowledge, problem solving skills, and emotional intelligence. But it’s mostly due to his ability to surround himself with people way smartr, nicr, and funnr than him.

Prior to goodr, Stephen had previously founded/been a part of starting six companies, produced The Do Lectures, and once touched a monkey in the wild (said monkey’s name was Geronimo).

Basset Hound Aficionado


Octopus Enthusiast


goodr Co- Founder


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